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The Summoning

BOOK ONE: The Summoning

When she suddenly starts seeing dead people, Chloe Saunders gets locked up in a group home for unstable teenagers. But she quickly discovers that the group home is not what it seems.

The Awakening

BOOK TWO: The Awakening

Being a teenage necromancer on the run from an evil organization that wants to capture you and your supernatural friends—a charming sorcerer, a cynical werewolf, and a disgruntled witch—is hard.

The Reckoning

BOOK THREE: The Reckoning

Chloe must face her evolving feelings for both an irritable, antisocial werewolf and his charming, sweet-tempered brother—who just happens to be a sorcerer. As if raising the dead wasn't enough.

NEW: Secrets, Skeletons, and Supernatural Thrills
Maya Delaney is haunted by mysterious deaths, unusual sightings, and curious premonitions. Will she uncover the truth? Take part in The Gathering, the first book in Kelley Armstrong’s scorching new Darkness Rising trilogy.

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Q&A with Kelley Armstrong

Why write a young adult version of your Otherworld series?

I've been toying with the idea since 2005. I had an idea for a plotline with younger characters, which meant I needed to do it outside the regular series. I really wanted to explore the idea of what it's like to be that age, coming into your powers. And the plotline I had in mind added a lot of extra twists and hurdles to what would already be a difficult time in a young supernatural's life.

Does this trilogy intersect with the Otherworld series?

No. There are references that make it clear to Otherworld readers that this is the same universe (it takes place in New York State, so there's a reference in Book Two to werewolves living near Syracuse). Part of the fun for me in writing these was exploring a different part of the universe I'd already created. New characters, new situations, new institutions—that's what I've tried to play with here.

Do you see a serious romance blooming in the third book in the Darkest Powers trilogy?

There will be more romance in The Reckoning than in the first two books. That said, though, nobody will mistake it for a romance novel! I love romantic subplots, but that's always what they are in my books—subplots. The adventure comes first, and that doesn't change in The Reckoning. Considering the danger these characters are in, it wouldn't make sense to have them take off on dates partway through the book.

With the release of The Reckoning, the first Darkest Powers trilogy ends. What's next?

Although I'm contracted for three more young adult novels, I'd planned to wrap up Chloe's first set of adventures with The Reckoning, and that's what I've done. Those who have read The Awakening know that Chloe and the others were the subjects of an experiment called Project Genesis. In The Reckoning, we'll discover that this wasn't the only experiment the Edison Group was conducting. That's where the next trilogy takes off, with the introduction of new characters and a new experiment: Project Phoenix. That doesn't mean that I'm done with Chloe and the others yet, though. I'm just expanding their universe.


Meet Chloe and her supernatural companions

Chloe Lauren Saunders

Hair: strawberry blond, shoulder length, wispy style
Eyes: blue
Supernatural Type: necromancer
Abilities: can see and communicate with ghosts, raise the dead
Interests: writing, movies; dreams of being a screenwriter/director
Family: lives with a housekeeper and her father, when he is not traveling; no siblings, mother deceased

Rachelle (Rae) Rodgers

Hair: long, dark curls
Eyes: coppery brown
Supernatural Type: Exustio half-demon
Abilities: can create and manipulate fire
Interests: manga, skateboarding, babysitting, and working with children
Family: lives with foster parents and siblings; birth mother is Jacinda, birth father is lord demon Asmondai

Victoria (Tori) Enright

Hair: short and dark
Eyes: brown
Supernatural Type: witch/sorcerer hybrid
Abilities: can cast spells; doesn’t need incantations
Interests: computers, swimming, fashion
Family: lives with her parents, one younger sister

Elizabeth (Liz) Delaney

Hair: long, straight, and blond
Eyes: dark blue
Supernatural Type: Volo half-demon
Abilities: telekinesis-can move objects with her mind
Interests: music, boys, volleyball, friends
Family: lives with her grandmother; mother deceased, father is lord demon Belial

Derek Souza

Hair: dark hair, hangs in his eyes
Eyes: green
Supernatural Type: werewolf
Abilities: heightened senses and strength, shape-shifts into a wolf
Interests: math, science, engineering, running
Family: lives with his foster father, Kit Bae, and foster brother, Simon

Simon Bae

Hair: dark blond hair worn in short, messy spikes
Eyes: brown
Supernatural Type: sorcerer
Abilities: can cast spells; needs incantations
Interests: art, soccer, basketball
Family: lives with his dad, Kit, and foster brother, Derek


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