The Amanda Project: Shattered
Nia, Callie, and Hal know their friend Amanda is in trouble. They know that a sinister group is searching for her. They know she isn’t who she told them she is. And they know that they’re the only ones who can help her.

In Shattered, Nia takes over the story. Book 3 brings the trio closer than ever to unearthing why they were chosen, who Amanda is hiding from—and how Amanda’s true past plays a part in it all.

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The Amanda Project: Revealed Amanda's friends are still trying to figure out why Amanda has gone into hiding. In Revealed, Hal takes over telling the story of Amanda and their quest to find her. the Amanda Project When Amanda Valentino disappeared, she left clues for her friends—but the clues left them with more questions than answers. Now they're not just wondering what happened to Amanda, they're wondering who she really is.
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